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  • FemininiTea

    FEMININITEA is our womens wellness tea blend. I handcrafted the organic ingredients to aid and support a number of health and wellness issues that are commonly found in women. Below you can find the breakdown of the ingredients within the blend alongside the properties and benefits they promote.

    Spearmint Leaves:

    • Relieves stress and cramps

    • Aids in prevention/maintenance of Acne/Dark Spots/Dullness/Wrinkles

    • Aids with problems associated with PCOS and Hormonal Imbalance

    • Aids in prevention/maintenance of Hirsutism

    • Fights bacterial infection

    • Soothes bloating/nausea/indigestion

    Peppermint Leaves:

    • Provides muscular relaxation and relieves menstrual pain/cramps
    • Provides gastrointestinal relief
    • Aids in better mood regulation
    • Soothes nausea and headaches


    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Reduce risk of cancer
    • May act as a diuretic
    • Regulates cholesterol and blood pressure
    • Relieves symptoms of PMS

    Ginger Root:

    • Eases pain and cramping during menses
    • Aids in weight and blood sugar control
    • Immune support
    • Promotes heart health

    Vitex Berries:

    • Supports physical and emotional health during menstrual cycle and menopause transition
    • Relieves mild mood changes
    • Relieves occasional cramps/water retention/hot flashes
    • Aids in prevention of breast cancer
    • Promote hormonal balance and increase fertility
    • Improve milk production for breastfeeding moms

    Cinnamon Chips:

    • Supports the urinary/reproductive/nervous/circulatory/respiratory systems

    Raspberry Leaf:

    • Promotes female reproductive health
    • Rich in vitamin B/iron/antioxidants/magnesium/potassium/calcium

    Nettle Leaf:

    • Natural detoxificant
    • Supports womens health and fertility
    • Essential mineral rich (iron/calcium/potassium/magnesium)

      Each ingredient provides a number of benefits. Based on the trial run of this blend, the tea can be enjoyed a number of ways while still providing the same benefits: 

      • hot or iced w/ no added enhancers or sweetners
      • hot or iced w/ lemonade as the base
      • hot or iced w/ added sweetners (honey/sugar/agave/etc)
      • hot or iced w/ added enhancers (lemon/milk/etc)
      • warm or room temp 

      Or any other way you freestyle your tea. 

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